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The Ice Cream Queen Of Orchard Street A Novel
by Susan Jane Gilman

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woman builds an ice cream empire after arriving in USA from Russia.

All Boys Aren't Blue
by George M. Johnson

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This book was so powerful. I love reading about other people's experiences, especially ones that are so unlike my own. George M. Johnson tells us about his life from when he knew he was different as a child all the way through college. He grew up in a comfortable middle class family in New Jersey, surrounded by the love of parents, siblings, cousins and extended family. This isn't a sad tragic story. This is someone's life - "the good, the bad, and the things he was too afraid to talk about publicly." George (Matthew, as he went by his middle name early in life) starts off by telling us why his story is important and while it is a "young adult" book, it's often young adults who need to hear the words he wrote. The topics he speaks about aren't too much for young people, because they are often living through the same things he did. This book was eye opening to me - it made me happy at times, seeing the unyielding love and support he always received from his family, most of all his Nanny, grandmother to so many in his family; and sad at times - seeing the abuse he endured for being a feminine presenting Black boy to being sexually assaulted by an older family member. There is no right way to grow up Black and queer, but as George states throughout this book, he didn't have anyone to look up to or know what to do growing up. This book is important for those today who don't see themselves in literature, who don't know what to do with how they are feeling. I hope this books reaches those who need it most, and I hope they can learn they aren't alone in the world. This audiobook is narrated by George M. Johnson himself and I love when authors narrator their own works, especially for a memoir, I think the author narrating it makes it so much more powerful. I would highly recommend this one as an audiobook - it's not too long either - some audiobooks are intimidating but this felt like listening to a friend tell a story.

Death On The Nile
by Agatha Christie

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Linnet is wealthy and beautiful and has everything going for her. Her old friend Jackie ask Linnet to hire her fiancé Simon Doyle.If he gets a job they can get married. Linnet falls in love with Simon and married him. They have their honeymoon in Egypt and while their on the Nile some kills Linnnet. Hercules Poirot is on this trip and he is asked to help solve this murder.

Artemis Fowl Book 1
by Eoin Colfer

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This book is so interesting

Murder At Melrose Court
by Karen Baugh Menuhin

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Major Lennox finds a dead body on his doorstep. Only he has no idea who is this person.The police think he killed him and Major Lennox is going to find the real killer:

Back to the bedroom
by Janet Evanovich

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Kate hears a loud sound and something crashes on her roof. Her neighbor David comes running out to help They are totally opposite people Kate is always busy. David is laid back and has no job. They start to become good friends and find out they do have something in common.

Buried In The Stacks
by Allison Brook

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Hometown librarian turns sleuth when reference librarian dies a mysterious death. She is aided by the library cat and library ghost.

Sisters of Sword and Song
by Rebecca Ross

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Sisters of Sword & Song is a story of mythology, of sisterhood and family, of magical relics and of mages. One of my favorite things about Rebecca's writing are the worlds she builds. Just like in The Queen's Rising, Sisters comes with a map of the land and its entire own mythology system of Nine Divines and earthly relics they left behind on Earth. She writes such a lush and realistic world I don't often see in YA books. This world mimics ancient Greece, but it's so much more than that. Sisters Evadne and Halcyon haven't seen each other in eight years, but that doesn't make their bond any less strong. Their entire family (parents, aunts, uncles, cousins) have such a strong bond, and it's shown that when Evadne & Halcyon's uncle leaves the family unit prior to this story to go search for relics, everyone is heartbroken and upset. Going into this story, I didn't know what to expect and as I listened to the audiobook, it wasn't what I though it would be based on the synopsis. It took upon a life of its own and that was ok with me - I was ok with it being something different than what my assumptions were. Halcyon returns home a night prior to when she is expected, after eight long years training to be a warrior in the Queens army. She goes to Evadne, who knows something is wrong, and would do anything to protect her sister. Halcyon then runs away, but is caught and charged with murder - Evadne calls out and asks to take a portion of Halcyon's punishment and that is when the story truly begins. Halcyon is the warrior, but Evadne is strong in her own right, despite the limp she walks with. She is stronger than anyone gives her credit for. In this world there are earthly relics which possess magic, left behind by the Divines, with some still unaccounted for and that is a very important part of this story. The mythology is strong in this world and important to every single person. There is also magic cast by mages, and I loved learning about the magic system in this world. It was explained clearly, I wasn't left questioning anything - the magic by mages is cast by using song. Another thing I love about Rebecca's writing is, like The Queen's Rising, this is another world where there is a Queen who rules, not a King. There is a little bit of romance in this tory, but like her previous novels, its not the main focus, and I really appreciate that a girl doesn't need a guy to "save" her or make her complete. This focuses on the bond of the two sisters more than anything else. Sisters of Sword & Song is fast paced, not wasting a single second. Standalone fantasies feel like a rarity these days and this felt like a breath of fresh air. I appreciated that I don't have to wait for a sequel - this book left me satisfied.

28 Summers
by Elin Hilderbrand Books

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Mallory brother Cooper is getting married and he wants his friends to stay at Mallory in Nantucket. Mallory falls in love with Cooper friend Jake.Jake and Mallory agree to keep their relationship a secret.Jake is married to Ursula who is so involved in her own work she puts everything else off, She pays no attention to her husband..

The Grace Kelly Dress
by Brenda Janowitz

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three generations of woman wear a version og Grace Kelly's wedding dress designed to fit their lives and learn about family and heritage

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